The 2019 CSA is now open!

Winter is almost behind us and Spring is this Wednesday! CSA memberships are now open for purchase.

If you’re new to CSA’s here is a little more information. It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It began in the early 1980’s in Europe in a response to smaller farms being sold in order to build more houses and more industry. Those who were used to getting their food close to home were now seeing it brought in from a long distance and they were concerned about the quality. They came together with local farmers and offered to pay for their vegetables at the beginning of the season. This allowed the farmer to have the funds to go ahead and begin planting.

This created a strong relationship between the farmer and the community. This is what Rushing Greens does. You purchase a membership, we commit to growing for you and you pick up your vegetables at the garden either every week or every other week.

We are located in LaGrange, Ky and grow on 1/2 an acre. We grow about 30 varieties of vegetables from late May to the middle of October. Any questions just send me an email at