How To Get Your Vegetables

  • 12 Week Memberships

  • 24 Week Memberships

  • Just Drop By During Pick Up Time

You can get vegetables 3 ways

12 Week  Memberships - Pick up is every 2 weeks

On the Saturday’s you pick up your share, we spend that morning picking everything and putting it out like any farmer’s market, just like in the photo above

Half A Peck - About 24 servings or good for 1 person -$110

One Peck - about 48 servings or good for about 2 people -$180

Half A Bushel - About 96 servings or good for 4 or more -$240


24 Week Memberships

Every Week We Assemble Your Share To Order. This is a lot of vegetables but just right if you are a juicer or have many mouths to feed.

Half A Bushel - About 96 Servings $480

Drop By During Pick Up Times

During pick up times just drop by and see what we have. If you are on our email list then you will receive a weekly update on what is available.


Pay for your shares either in full before the season


4 weeks at a time